Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The letter posted below was sent to the US Ambassador in Warsaw and has not yet (May 6, 2015) received a response from either the Ambassador or the Director of the FBI

April 21, 2015

My Dear Ambassador Mull

I would, in light of the recent contretemps concerning the unwise and ill-judged statement of the FBI Director both ask him a question and also suggest that he might wish to make some sort of apology for an earlier FBI faux pas concerning Katyn.

As you may be aware, the Chief NKVD Interrogator at Kozielsk prison camp was Kombrig Zarubin – the self same Zarubin who served as illegal station chief in Washington beginning in 1943 and onwards (Zarubin and his wife had been stationed in NYC since 1941). 

Of course Zarubin operated under a different name Zubilin ; nonetheless, although he was followed by the FBI from the start, he was tracked by FBI agents starting with April of 1943, after his West Coast trip to meet with Steve Nelson.  Given the letter sent by Vasili Mironov identifying Zarubin as involved in the Katyn Massacre received by Edgar Hoover in August of 1943, there were several reasons to stop Zarubin.

This was a singular, unique and missed opportunity for the United States to have held a Soviet agent responsible for thousands of Polish officer’s deaths.

Perhaps the Director could discuss the inaction of the FBI in the case of this mini-holocaust of the Polish officer corps?  Conversely, he could expand his area of knowledge and read up on this matter before he pounced to erroneous judgement on other matters which he clearly does not comprehend.  For a private citizen to make a misstatement of fact is one things for the head of a National institution is very different.

Finally, perhaps, the FBI director could agree to completely open the files on Zarubin in possession of the FBI (they are still not completely available) as a small token of apology to the Polish nation.

Respectfully yours and awaiting a response,